I so wish I was able to give this a great review, I really do…

ziaja duo-phase eye makeup remover

I like the idea of Ziaja as a brand. A huge range of products and purse friendly prices make it a plucky contender in the skincare market, so I really wanted to be able to say that this product is great value for money, but in all honesty I can’t.

Here’s me wearing just some eyeshadow from the Catrice Nudes palette and some L’Oreal False Lash Sculpt mascara.

And here’s me after using the Ziaja (using a cotton pad and leaving it on the eye area for about 10-15 seconds to dissolve everything).

The eyeshadow is gone but it has barely touched the mascara.

So I go again, and even though some has come away, you’ll see that the mascara is still clinging to my lashes.

And so I go again with another sweep of the Ziaja – and still some mascara remains, so I give up and turn to my Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover.

In this picture you’ll see just how different the efficacy of both are – the top is what came off with the Ziaja on my right eye, and the bottom of the pad is what came off using the Nivea on my left eye.

I honestly don’t know who I’d recommend the Ziaja to – someone who doesn’t use eye makeup maybe?  It just does not work on mascara, and there’s no way anyone should have to rub their eye area to take their makeup off, it should dissolve easily.

I’d love to hear if anyone had a different experience using the Ziaja?