I am paler than pale. I’m not a fan of the sun. Don’t do ‘lying by the pool’ holidays and don’t hit the beach the minute the sun starts shining. But I’ve still got sunburned.

In fact I’ve gotten really badly sunburned over the years. As I child I would sunburn every summer just playing outside, and as an adult I’ve both blistered and had sunstroke while wearing 50+ SPF.

Which has resulted in lots of freckles on my shoulders…and these guys.

They’ve been there for about 8 years, and I’ve always thought that if they were anything serious a doctor would have  noticed when I was being checked for chest infections or being given an epidural.

But this ad from La Roche Posay made me rethink things, and so I got himself to take some pictures of my spots.  Because they are between my shoulder blades I could just get a glance at them in the mirror but when I looked at those pictures I was wasn’t happy about what I saw.

Long story short I made an appointment with my doctor specifically for him to check these out and thankfully they’re all okay but I do need to keep a check on them for any changes.

So I suppose the point of this post is to drive home the message to check your moles. If caught early skin cancer can be very treatable. The next time you’re in your doctors you should definitely ask them to take a look.

My doctor told me to watch out for the ABCDE’s  – this image from Pinterest explains it well.


Well done La Roche Posay – excellent campaign.