It’s not often that you come across a body cream that’s luxurious, smells divine and doesn’t cost a packet.  This absolute gem from Garnier is one of the best body creams I’ve ever used.

2015-06-29 18.17.29.jpg

Body Repair Anti-Dryness Restoring Balm (wow that’s a mouthful of a name), is an indulgent cream (so not sure why they’ve called it a balm?) that really does leave skin feeling softer.

The bumf from Garnier says that just 1 hour after application skin is 50% more hydrated,  and while I can’t confirm percentages, what I can say is that my skin definitely feels smoother and more moisturised after using this.  What’s great about it too, is that it absorbs into skin really quickly, and for something that’s so moisturisng there’s no yucky greasiness.

But my most favourite thing about this is the smell.  The tub says that it’s a maple sap formula (which I don’t know a whole lot about the smell of!) but I totally think it smells just like primroses – a flower I absolutely love.

For €9.99 ( have it on sale at the mo for €6.66) this is a bargain – and in my opinion is on par with many pricier brands.  I used it all the way through my pregnancy (it was fantastic for taking away any itchiness from my tummy) and have continued afterwards, and I would definitely put it in my top 5 purchases of 2015.