One of my all time favourite products, and one that’s definitely worth the €26 you’ll pay for it, is Benefit They’re Real Mascara.  It seriously stretches your lashes, leaving them lusciously glossy – plus it doesn’t flake (in fact the only [and it’s very minor!] downside to this mascara is that it takes a bit more effort to remove it than most other mascaras do).  In fact I love it so much that I gave 3 of my friends one for Christmas last year…which leads me on to this…

Benefit They're Real Swarovski

Just in time for this Christmas, Benefit have released this blinged up Swarovski limited edition version of their world famous mascara!

The formula and brush are the same great combo that they’ve always been and together with the luxe packaging, make this Swarovski edition a great gift idea for Christmas –  who doesn’t love something sweet and sparkly for Christmas!

Even better, if you buy this at Sam McCauleys Redmond Square Wexford, you’ll get a voucher for a Benefit Mini-Makeupper, and I was lucky enough to have Dawn treat me to a great Mini-Eyemakeupper using Benefit’s The World Famous Neutrals Kit – Easiest Nudes Ever (you’ll see the results below!!)

Benefit Swarovski Limited Edition They're Real Mascara

Even if you already own a They’re Real you’ll still want this one, and if you haven’t discovered They’re Real yet then there’s never been a better time to treat yourself and try it out!

And ps! If you fancy gifting one to a friend, buy it at Sam McCauleys and you’ll get a mini-makeupper for yourself (but sshh your friend won’t need to know that!!!)

Lisa x

Benebabe Dawn at Sam McCauleys Redmond Square
Benebabe Dawn at Sam McCauleys Redmond Square!